Terroir: a sense of place

At Domaine Karanika, we embark on a passionate journey dedicated to the creation of exceptional sparkling and still wines in perfect harmony with nature, guided by an unwavering commitment to people and the Earth. Nestled in the serene landscapes of the Amyndeo plateau in the far North-west of Greece, our organic and biodynamic vineyards are home to a remarkable variety of grapevines. Here, you’ll find venerable, ungrafted Xinomavro vines with deep roots in history, alongside the younger Assyrtiko and the almost forgotten Limniona. Our wine collection embodies our passion, from the effervescent Karanika Cuvee Speciale (Xinomavro) and Prestige (Assyrtiko/XM) to the aged historic and ungrafted Xinomavro Old Vines. Raise your glass to Domaine Karanika—a toast to excellence, a tribute to nature, and a testament to the artistry of winemaking. Read more

The old organic vineyards

Sparkling Wines

A privileged journey in total harmony with nature

The art of winemaking is a sacred dance, a ritual bestowed upon us by nature herself. It is a fusion of meticulous craftsmanship and the raw beauty of the grape. At the heart of our winemaking philosophy lies a deep respect for the grapes and the land that nourishes them. We embrace the gentle touch, the delicate handling that allows the fruit to retain its pristine essence. Read more

A spiritual connection to nature

The heroes of our story

All of us at Domaine Karanika, believe in more than just crafting exceptional wines; we stand united by a set of enduring values that permeate every aspect of our journey. These values serve as the bedrock of our identity, charting a clear and unwavering path towards our shared destination. Read More

Our vision

Our winemaking philosophy goes beyond a mere process; it is a heartfelt commitment to honoring the grapes and the land from which they grow. With every bottle we produce, we strive for a minimalistic approach that allows the true essence of the fruit to shine through. It is a philosophy that embraces the beauty of natural balance and rejects the notion of trying to control or manipulate nature’s course. Read More


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