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The story of Domaine Karanika is rooted in the lifelong dream of two individuals on a quest for exceptional wine. Founded by Laurens M. Hartman-Karanika, the son of a Greek mother and a Dutch father, and his wife, Annette van Kampen, both of whom spent their entire lives in the Netherlands, their journey into the world of wine began in pursuit of their shared passion and a desire for wines that transcended the commercial norm.With approximately 15 years of combined experience in various management positions within the publishing industry, Laurens and Annette found themselves drawn to the world of fine wine. Dissatisfied with the proliferation of “Parkerized” wines, they embarked on a life-changing journey in early 2004. Their dream was clear: to create world-class organic sparkling wines using only the traditional method (methode traditionelle).

Over the years, they dedicated themselves to the art of winemaking, becoming trained winemakers, oenologists, and vineyardists through immersive experiences in Europe and the United States. Their quest for the perfect combination of terroir and grape varieties led them on an extensive exploration, considering options ranging from Australia to Germany. It was during this journey that they discovered their love for the extraordinary Xinomavro variety, still awaiting its moment in the limelight. This discovery led them to the enchanting region of Amyndeo in Greece, where their dream began to take shape. With unwavering determination, Laurens and Annette set the bar exceptionally high. They embraced a commitment to utilizing only completely natural methods and tools, all while demanding wines of pristine clarity and elegance, a hallmark of their sparkling creations.

Today, Domaine Karanika’s vision is a reflection of this remarkable journey. It is a vision that centers on crafting excellence in perfect harmony with nature—a celebration of purity, tradition, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. We invite you to share in the essence of Domaine Karanika, where each bottle embodies our unwavering commitment to producing wines of unparalleled quality and character.


Winemaking philoshopy

Our winemaking philosophy goes beyond a mere process; it is a heartfelt commitment to honoring the grapes and the land from which they grow. With every bottle we produce, we strive for a minimalistic approach that allows the true essence of the fruit to shine through. It is a philosophy that embraces the beauty of natural balance and rejects the notion of trying to control or manipulate nature’s course.

In our vineyards, we listen intently to the whispers of the earth. When nature, in its infinite wisdom, decides to grant us grapes with a lighter hue, we embrace the opportunity to create more blanc de noir or delicate rosé. Likewise, when climatic conditions favor the development of rich and robust flavors, we joyfully produce more red wines. Our decision-making process is guided by nature’s hand, allowing us to dance in harmony with its rhythms. We handle our precious grapes and wines with the utmost care, treating them as delicate treasures. Instead of resorting to forceful pumping methods, we rely on the gentle force of gravity to transport the must and wines. Our additions are kept to a minimum, with sulfites and Montmorillonite clay serving as our trusted allies in preserving the integrity of the wine.

Respecting the earth is a core principle of our winemaking philosophy. We eschew synthetic fertilizers and harmful pesticides in favor of nurturing the vineyard with natural remedies. We cultivate cover crops, fostering biodiversity in the soil. To enrich our land, we create our own compost, blending horse manure, straw, hay, vineyard cuttings, grape skins, and lees. In our ongoing battle against oidium and mildew, we turn to the healing power of ‘homeopathic’ sprays, delicately applied to the vines. These sprays, crafted from our own etheric oils derived from oregano and oranges, infuse the ripening leaves with vitality and resilience. Every decision we make, every action we take, is influenced by the rhythmic cadence of the biodynamic calendar. With reverence, we disgorge our wines on Flower days, embracing the ethereal energy of the air, just after the full moon graces the night sky. On Leaf days, in harmony with the flowing waters, we carefully transfer our wines, ensuring their graceful evolution. This intricate dance with the cosmic forces reflects our dedication to working in alignment with the greater forces at play. In our winery and vineyard, we follow in the footsteps of Maria Thun, a beacon of wisdom in the biodynamic movement. Her teachings guide us, inspiring our every endeavor as we seek to create wines that encapsulate the essence of nature’s beauty.

With each sip of our wines, we invite you to taste the culmination of our emotional journey—a journey that embraces the profound connection between nature and winemaking. It is a philosophy that cherishes the simplicity and purity found in the unadulterated gifts of the earth.

A celebration of life every single day

At Domaine Karanika, our commitment goes beyond crafting wines; it’s about creating a celebration of life each day. We steadfastly strive to offer wines that are genuine and transparent, wines that truly ‘breathe terroir.’ Our creations are characterized by their crystal clarity, captivating aromatics, and lingering, memorable finishes—never overwhelming heavyweights.

Our aspiration is to infuse every drop of our wines with the essence of the art and ritual of fine winemaking. We approach our craft with a spirit of experimentation and preference rather than rigid dogma. Our unwavering priority is the quality of the wine itself, and we are willing to go to any lengths necessary to craft the perfect vintage.

In essence, our wines are an invitation to elevate the ordinary and celebrate life’s moments, both big and small, every single day.


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