A glimpse into Domaine Karanika’s Winery

Nestled amidst the picturesque villages of Amyndeo, Vegora, and Levea, on the gentle slopes overlooking the tranquil shores of Lake Vegoritis, Domaine Karanika’s winery stands as a testament to the seamless integration of traditional winemaking techniques and modern innovation.

Our three-story winery, designed with utmost exclusivity, operates on the principle of gravity flow, eliminating the need for pumps and filters that can compromise the delicate qualities of our wines. Each level of our winery serves a specific purpose in our meticulous winemaking process:

Top Floor: Beneath the narrow tile roof, this floor serves as the initial point of grape handling. Here, we carefully collect, select, and destem the grapes with the utmost precision.

Middle Floor: The heart of our winery, this level witnesses the fermentation of our red wines. Our oak and stainless-steel tanks, each boasting a capacity of 40hl, provide the ideal environment for this transformative process. Additionally, it is on this floor where our white grapes and grapes for Blanc de Noirs are gently pressed using traditional basket presses, preserving their integrity.

Bottom Floor: Below, our aging cellars and bottling units reside, guarding the maturing wines until they reach their optimal potential. This floor is also dedicated to the meticulous production of our rose, white, and sparkling wines, a reflection of our commitment to diverse and exceptional winemaking.


At Domaine Karanika, our gravity-flow winery embodies the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, allowing us to craft wines that capture the essence of our terroir while ensuring the utmost quality and authenticity in every bottle.

Distinctive vinification for every plot

In our winery, we emphasize vinifying each of our 100 different plots separately, using containers that suit their specific needs. This diverse range includes stainless steel tanks (500L to 12,000L), oak casks (225L to 4,000L foudres), and glass and concrete containers. Our goal is to explore every corner of the Appellation Amyndaio, from Aetos and Pedino in the West to Petres in the North, Levea in the South, and Agios Panteleimonos in the East. Each terroir imparts its distinctive characteristics to our white and rose base wines.

The cellars

Our winery boasts four underground cellars, where sparkling wines are stored for up to 12 years, depending on the label. We’ve recently completed a new stone cellar with a capacity for 160,000 bottles for indefinite aging. This underscores our commitment to producing wines of exceptional quality and authenticity.

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